Linus Blomqvist

Hi all,

It seems like the jaegers have finally arrived nearshore. I've seen ten in the last week of seawatching: 2 Parasitic at Haskell's Beach on Thursday, 1 Parasitic and two jaeger sp. at Coal Oil Point on Sunday, and - one of the highlights of this summer's seawatching - 2 Pomarine and 3 Parasitic all at one time yesterday at Coal Oil Point. They were all just a few hundred yards out, around the kelp belt, chasing the same flock of 70 or so terns (mostly Elegant). One of the Poms was an adult in full regalia with the long, twisted streamers and all, and another one was a subadult that was fairly easy to ID given the close comparisons with both the adult Pom and the Parasitics in the same mélange.


Linus Blomqvist

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