Notes on the Bird Refuge

Dave Compton

I had a visit to the Andree Clark Bird Refuge in Santa Barbara today. Nothing rare to report (at least, nothing rarer than 3 Lesser Yellowlegs). But I thought it worth mentioning that the shorebirds, particularly the peeps, are moving between the northeast corner where people have been viewing them from Cabrillo Blvd but close to the parking lot, and some mudflats on the back (south) side of the middle island. The latter is an area that is hard to see into unless you view the refuge from Cabrillo from within about 150 meters of where the road leaves the beach. This is considerably farther from the parking lot than where you view the northeast corner.

Another note: I know some people have been walking onto the mudflats at different places. But anyone doing this should know about the lady who walked toward the shore from the parking lot today and got stuck in the mud up to her knee. Her husband and I could not help her get out, so he ended up calling the Fire Department to extract her. Fortunately, she wasn't alone or in a more isolated part of the refuge.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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