Re: Logmein Update and 'Least' Flycacher

Wim van Dam

Nick et al: I was just to post the following.

Yesterday (2021-09-19) at around 15:57 a number of birders saw and photographed this flycatcher. It was calling, which I managed to record. As you can see and hear here its "tink" is a good match for a Pacific-slope Flycatcher.


On Mon, Sep 20, 2021 at 10:22 AM Nick Lethaby <nlethaby@...> wrote:

The RE Vireo and Canada Warbler continue and there is now a Chestnut-sided.

After review of photos, there is now significant doubt about our claims of Least Flycatcher yesterday and ee woll likely be retracting it pending review of a few more pictures

Nick Lethaby, Goleta, CA

Nick Lethaby
Goleta, CA

Wim van Dam (Solvang, CA)
SBCO #391: Island Scrub-Jay

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