Birding on Friday, Sept. 24

Florence Sanchez

I didn't post yesterday because I saw nothing worth mentioning, but thought perhaps these comments could be useful.

I didn't get out until after 9 a.m., starting at the Carpinteria Tamarisks next to the driving range.  They were pretty quiet, which is generlly the case on a foggy day.  I noticed that the row of eucalyptus trees behind the tams has been cut down, which makes visibility from the east side a little better but also has eliminated additional habitat.

I moved on to Bates Road where not much was happening, again a common situation here on gray days.  This spot, like the tams, is more productive on a sunny morning.  The best show was along the fence on the Ventura side.  The vines are loaded with grapes and there must have been up to a dozen Western Tanagers feasting on them.  Mast were dull immature birds, but there was one bright male among them.  Also an Orange-crowned Warbler and a couple of House Finches.  In past years, I've had Grosbeaks, included Rose-breasted, enjoying the grapes here too.

I drove back to Santa Barbara the long way, via Highway 192. I turned up Ladera Drive to get to Bella Vista and the hawk-watching spot, which was above the fog and the ridge was clear (murky sky above it from the smoke).  I also visited this spot for about an hour on Thursday afternoon.  I saw no sign of hawk movement either day.  The only raptors present were Turkey Vultures, Red-tailed Hawks, and cooper's Hawks.  Behavior of these species indicated they are residents.  No sign of Broad-wings yet.

Florence Sanchez

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