Northern Waterthrush, someone else's Ovenbird

Dave Compton

This morning, I birded Carpinteria Creek between the mouth and the Blue-winged Warbler spot (100-150 meters upstreamĀ of 8th St). The best bird was a NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH between 6th St and the sewage plant, as seen from the creek bottom. This was the most active area of the creek, especially as the fog cleared a bit and birds started coming to the water more. Otherwise, there were only scattered pockets of light activity. Beside the waterthrush, I saw nothing betterĀ than a couple of Willow Flycatchers and a Nashville Warbler.

Later, I heard that the OVENBIRD (or a new one) had been seen at the former LogMeIn complex in Goleta. I drove here to look for the bird, but had no luck. Others may provide some detail on where they saw the bird. But I know one person saw it around the benches near the northeast corner of the basin, and at least one person saw it in the southwest corner. Word is that a (the?) male MacGillivray's was seen in the northwest corner of the basin also. Bird activity overall was moderate, so it was not as good as last weekend. I saw nothing of interest during my visit here.

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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