curlew sandpiper

brad hines <bkhnca@...>

Hello all , I birded the Santa Ynez River mouth this evening. At 5:40
I located a very colorful adult Curlew Sandpiper feeding along the wet
edge west of the train trestle on the north side. The midway point is
best described as the area where the sand meets the green vegetation and
the driftwood. The shorebirds were quite active along this and the south
edge. My observation was painfully brief -30 seconds in the late day
sun. Fortunately, I my recent observations of the Goleta bird left quite
an impression. This bird abruptly flew north toward the brackish pond
approximately 300 yards north of river mouth. Those of you familiar with
this pond know that the water level may vary. I glassed the pond from
the trestle as I was leaving. LOOKS GOOD! I could see an assortment of
birds around the edges. You may reach the pond by walking along tracks
until just southeast of the area. Access without flushing the birds can
be difficult. The bird is a very bright brick red from throat to belly.
Darker overall than the Red Knots passing through at this time. Long
dark legs, thin dark curved bill and a Dunlin-like appearance
distinguish it from the rather heavy looking Knot. I plan to cover the
area Saturday morning hoping to relocate this bird. Boots may be needed
as you approach the pond; it can be very slimy. Also seen this evening
was a juv Semipalmated Sandpiper along the south side (beach trail).
With some luck, maybe we can refind this bird for those unable to see
the Goleta bird. This may be the Goleta bird! Good Luck to all!

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