Boat trip on Lake Cachuma

Mark Holmgren

Jim Hodgson and I rented a 10-hp boat and spent 4.5 hours peering into most nooks and crannies on the lake.  The cost was $115 – cheap.  The first hour was very foggy and the remainder of our time on the lake was clear and almost warm.  We were scouting in preparation for the Cachuma Christmas Bird Count (on 29 December), but also looking for firm identification of 4 white geese present since at least 31 October, finding where the shorebirds (if any) were hiding, and we hoped to see the male Surf Scoter seen yesterday by the 2 Cachuma Naturalists.  Although we saw eight species of ducks, the total number of ducks was only 44 individuals.  We were surprised to find 43 Least Sandpipers in the north end of Santa Cruz Bay.  We heard one Greater Yellowlegs, zero dowitchers, three Spotted Sandpipers, 4 falcon species, 6 immature Bald Eagles, and 1 immature Golden Eagle.   A group of 25 ducks in the Narrows and beyond the orange boom line went unidentified. 


Our checklist:


Mark Holmgren

San Marcos Pass

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