More Valley Birding

Florence Sanchez

I made another attempt to find all three Sapsuckers in one day in the Santa Ynez Valley, but didn't quite succeed.  With a little help form Wes Fritz, I found both subspecies of Red-Breasted Sapsucker at the end of Monarch Drive, but the Yellow-belleid Sapsucker seen earlier did not re-appear for me.

A Red-breasted Sapsucker also continues near the entrance to Westerly Stud Farms on Alisos.  There were no Mountain Bluebirds at Alisos and Happy Canyon Roads when I first checked, but later on I found a few on Happy Canyon Road beyond that point.  I found Lewis's Woodpeckers near Rancho Felicia and at a couple of different places along Armour Ranch Road.

Beautiful day to be out in the Valley, lots of raptor activity, but nothing unusual to report.

Florence Sanchez

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