Interesting activity SB East Beach area

Florence Sanchez

I have been checking the east Beach/Harbor Area for a couple of weeks, trying to see if I could re-find the adult Herring Gull I saw there during the last week of December.  (Has anyone seen it this month?)

No luck on that score but I found a huge flock of birds congregating on East Beach about half way between the East Beach outfall and the Cabrillo Beach pavilion.  This is where the sand from the dredge pipe is being dumped for "beach nourishment," and the beach is fenced off at that point.  The majority of the birds were Brown Pelicans, and there must have been more than 300 of them when I got there, with more flying as I watched.  With them were a large variety of gulls, the largest number being Heerman's.  Other gull species included Western, California, Ring-billed, Short-billed and 6 immature Glaucous-winged gulls.  The Royal Tern Flock also flew into this area for a while before departing, and there was 1 Black Skimmer hanging around.  I observed this flock for a long time and didn't find any other species, but individuals could easily have been hidden by the mass of Pelicans.  It was a most impressive sight and pedestrians walking by were all stopping and snapping pictures with their cell phones.

I also note that the last report we've had of the Painted Redstart near Rocky Nook Park was Jan. 9.  I've looked for it a couple of times and haven't seen it and wonder if others have also done so.  Past history of this species in Rocky Nook indicates it seems to move out of the area as winter progresses and I wonder if this has happened again.

Florence Sanchez

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