Back yard migrant show

Joan Murdoch

Yesterday (Tuesday) and again this morning Bill and I have enjoyed a 'show' at our small bubbling water feature. The stone measures about 30" across and is easily viewable from our family room.
We have seen at least 5 Yellow Warblers, 2 Wilson's (male and female), 4 male,  4 or 5 female W. Tanager's, and one Swainson's Thrush(a species seen only for the second time in 50 years in our yard). Sometimes the stone is really crowded - there were 3 Yelllow Warblers, the thrush and 2 W. Tanagers sharing it this morning.
At the sunflower feeder behind the water feature we counted 3 male and 3, maybe 4, female Black-headed Grosbeaks. I thought the Grosbeaks had passed through - we'd seen several starting on April 27th but none for the last three days.

Our location is 2/3mile from the coast in Montecito.
Joan and Bill Murdoch

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