Carpinteria Creek Park - late Wilson's Warbler

Joan Lentz ( address)

Hi All:  I found that one of my favorite places to go birding in Carp has been made into a pretty pocket park!  There’s very limited parking, but if you have a handicapped sticker, you luck out.  We used to be able to access this place by driving west once we exited and drove over the bridge to the north side of Bailard Rd.  You keep on going on the frontage road west until you reach a place near the entrance to the mobile home park there.  You can go down a walkway that takes you to the edge of Carp Creek, or you can linger in the little park which has great trees, grass (parks evidently get water for grass, I’ve noticed) & it’s a pleasant place for birding especially in the fall, I would imagine.  Too bad no water in creek.
My list is paltry, but it was fun to discover a new spot, & you’re right next to the riparian growth so you can walk beside the creek even though you can’t cross it.       Joan Lentz, Montecito

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