Re: White-tailed Kite at Lake los Carneros

Mark Holmgren

Thanks for these photos, Barbara.  A few reports of single Kites are showing up recently.
This bird seems to be a juvenile--hatched weeks or months ago.  

Aging is done better with a dorsal view, but this bird shows no flight feather wear 
(suggesting all the feathers are new), no differential flight feather wear 
(suggesting that all the feathers emerged at the same time (this happens only early in 
the life of a raptor)), dusky edges to the tail feathers, and a dark iris.  Hence, it's a young bird.
As we know locally, Kites evict their young at the time the adults begin preparations 
for a second brood.  Those young then wander who knows where.  Individuals showing 
up on our turf at this time are likely young evictees from other areas rather than adults 
that might have bred here in the past.

It's worth mentioning that Mississippi Kites are single brooded, and presumably do not 
need to push their first brood out and away.  But, the Santa Barbara County records of 
Mississippi Kites occur around this time of year (late May and June).  

Mark Holmgren
San Marcos Pass

On Sat, Jun 18, 2022 at 9:31 AM Barbara Goll <bobbie3744@...> wrote:
Hi, All,

Yesterday I saw a White-tailed Kite hunting above the meadows on the east side near La Patera. It never came down. Just moved around the area. Photos here.

Barbara Goll

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