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Ria Marsh

There is a cormorant rookery in one tree on the property of the Biltmore Hotel at Butterfly Beach in Montecito right at the edge of the street.  The chicks there looked very big yesterday when we were there.
Ria Marsh
East Beach

On Jun 19, 2022, at 6:00 PM, Dave Compton <davcompton60@...> wrote:

A couple of items of interest from Goleta Beach today:

Of minor interest, now, but the single adult and year-old subadult that have been reported recently were both present. For those suggesting the species has been here consistently, we had a period of about 6 weeks when none was reported here, beginning in mid-April. Their disappearance in April is consistent with what we've seen here and in Carpinteria in recent years. Normally, they don't come back until later in the summer, so it's unusual to have them at this time of year. The last eBird report from Carpinteria, incidentally, and the report I know of, was from 1 April.

Normally, the rookery at the gas plant, as viewed from the east end of Goleta Beach Park, has lots of larger nestlings at this time of year. But not only did I see no cormorants in the rookery, but I saw Turkey Vultures perching in the trees, including one a cormorant nest, likely having roosted here last night. So what happened to the Goleta Beach cormorant rookery this year? Are there possibly connections with the recent pelican situation, in terms of food supply (assuming food scarcity was behind the pelicans' problems)?  I haven't heard anything about the Summerland colony in a while. Are those birds still nesting?

Dave Compton
Santa Barbara

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