Santa Ynez River Moth, Aug. 3

Florence Sanchez

I birded this spot today in hopes of picking up the Common Tern Jamie Chavez found a few days ago, but it did not appear to be around.  There was a nice assortment of Terns though, including adults and juveniles of Least, Royal, and Caspian Terns.  There was a good variety of shorebirds too:  Black-necked Stilts, Greater and Lesser  (1) Yellowlegs, Willets, LB Curlews, Dowitchers, Wilson's Phalaropes (3), Black-bellied Plovers, Semi-palmated Plovers, 1 Kildeer, Least and Western Sandpipers, and Sanderlings.  There were more California Gulls here than WEstern Gulls this morning, along with a few Heerman's Gulls, and the usual Heron Species were working the march (Great Blue, Great Egret, Snowy Egret, and Black-crowned Night Heron).  

Waterfowl in the estuary included Clark's (1) and Western Grebes (with 2 half-grown chicks), Pied-billed Grebes, Eared Grebe (one bird, still in breeding plumage), Double-crested Cormorants, Mallards, and Coots.  It was also nice to hear a Marsh Wren singing from the tule clumps on the north side of the estuary mouth.

It was too foggy to try for a seawatch at Surf Beach.  I stopped at Gaviota and the Vista point where it was sunny, but nothing was happening off-shore.

Florence Sanchez

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