Jameson Reservoir, 4 August

Mark Holmgren

Steve Colwell and I surprised ourselves by making it all the way to 

Jameson Reservoir by ebike starting at 4am; we were back at 

Romero Saddle by 11:12am.  Our objective was to listen for owls 

at a couple of points enroute to Juncal Camp, and that met little success.  

But at Jameson we spent more than an hour birding there.  


Our Trip Report is here In that report you can open any of our 4 

checklists and see photos of the lake and surroundings.  Some bird 

photos too.  Highlights were the 3 fledgling Western Grebes, 

first reported on 2 August by Alan Prichard, and too-many-to-count-

accurately Pied-billed Grebe family groups. So, this year we have 

Western Grebes breeding at the far ends of the Santa Ynez River 

watershed, but no breeding at Cachuma. (Has anyone checked 

Gibralter Reservoir?)  No Eared Grebes.

Mark Holmgren
San Marcos Pass

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