Re: Goleta Sanitary District to reopen to birders, but not yet

Florence Sanchez

My deepest thanks to SB Audubon for taking the lead on this!  Bravo!!

Florence Sanchez

On Saturday, September 24, 2022, 11:25:49 AM PDT, Mark Holmgren <maholmgren33@...> wrote:

In early August, Santa Barbara Audubon Society (SBAS) wrote to the Goleta Sanitary District (GSD) requesting it to reopen the GSD to birders.  We cited the importance of the data gathered on eBird and the Breeding Bird Study to our understanding of GSD’s role in the Goleta Slough Ecosystem.  On Thursday, GSD called to say that birders would once again be able to bird there.  However, NOT TILL MID-OCTOBER.  They need to finish cleaning out one of the lagoons.


SBAS will meet with the managers on Oct 11 to clarify access, but the procedure should be nearly the same as before.  We will post another note to SB Co Birding on Oct 11 to let you know when we can enter again.

Mark Holmgren


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