Sunday birds

Hugh Ranson

Mark Bright reports that both Brewer's Sparrows were again present this morning by the stone bench in Elings Park.

Mid-afternoon I went to the pool at the Riviera park intending to stay half an hour; I was there for two. If you haven't been lately, the area around the pool now has many Adirondack chairs, so waiting for warblers is quite comfortable--not that there was much waiting. In the two hours I was there there was a steady stream of warblers coming to drink and bathe. The Blackpoll made two appearances, and a Nashville popped in once. The predominant species was Yellow Warbler--it seems like a good fall for these--with lesser numbers of Wilson's, Orange-crowned, and Yellow-rumped. There were quite a few Western Tanagers, a couple of Black-headed Grosbeaks, and a Hooded Oriole. A Sharp-shinned Hawk flew over.

Hugh Ranson

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