Re: Cedar Waxwings

Wes Fritz

Hi Rob,

I apologize for using your email to follow up on another bird report. I was going to post later,but after reading yours it seemed easier.
  I have been hearing Cedar Waxwings for a couple days now. I had 42 at River Park in Buellton today and later this afternoon I saw 12 more.
 I wanted to also report a Ferruginous Hawk in Los Alamos from last Thursday.
  The night flights have been pretty good for passerines. If you are wanting to go out and listen for flight notes I would start a loud 3 or 4am when the birds start to come down from their high elevation migration movement.

Good birding.

Wes Fritz
805 895 0685
Solvang CA

On Sep 26, 2022, at 4:57 PM, Rob Hofberg <rhofberg@...> wrote:

There are at least 3cedar waxwings in the giant Euc at Riviera Business Park 

Rob Hofberg 

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