Harbor and Bird Refuge Oct. 11

Florence Sanchez

I was probably the only birder in SB who DIdn't see or hear a White-fronted Goose yesterday or today! 

I started at the Harbor, which was pretty quiet--nothing of interest on the eroded Sandspit.  A nice flock of larger shorebirds in front of the yacht club also contained 3 Black Turnstones.

I then checked the Mission Creek outfall and East Beach.  Again, a nice flock of large shorebirds at the Mission Creek outfall and initially, there was a gull flock in the Laguna Creek outfall area; however, a walker put it up before I could check it out.  A single BlackSkimmer was in that flock.  I checked the Laguna Creek outfall (actually two channels), and found a Sora feeding in the easternmost one along with the resident Mallards.

I moved on to the Bird Refuge.  The continuing flock of mixed shorebirds was still present, but very nervous and flighty today.  They never stayed in one place for more than a couple of minutes, making it hard to assess numbers and species.  For sure, I found 3 Pectoral Sandpipers, 1 Dunlin, and an apparent Baird's Sandpiper (really hard to get a bead on this one).  There were also lots of small Sandpipers, both Western and Least as well as a single Spotted Sandpiper, but I was not able to get any sort of a count on the sandpipers.  Perhaps the flock is getting ready to move on?  There were plenty of ducks (mostly Shovelers) but no GWF Geese while I was there.

Florence Sanchez

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