More Tennessee warblers

Alex Castelein

Good afternoon,

The tennessees just keep coming… I was just leaving the parking lot behind the CCS building after grabbing lunch, when I heard unfamiliar chips coming from the short trees that lined the parking lot at (34.4109413, -119.8454963) so I reparked the car and got out to have a look. There were at least 3 Leiothlypis, 2 of which were vocalizing and sounded distinctly different from ocwa chips. I was surprised to see not one, but TWO Tennessee warblers. Since I didn’t have any equipment I had only my eyes and ears to rely on, but I was able to pish them in quite close at eye level and saw the distinct superciliums, short tails, and white undertail coverts. I got iPhone photos of both and a recording, all of which are on this list 

Good birding,
Alex Castelein
Isla Vista/UCSB

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