Goleta Birding & Bird Refuge Oct. 18

Florence Sanchez

Went to LLC this morning but did not turn up the Vesper Sparrow after a diligent search.  A tropical Kingbird continues in the trees along the western edge of the lake and there was an Ibis present at the water's edge with a slew of Egrets.  A few shorebirds remain:  Greater Yellowlegs and a flock of 10 Long-billed Dowitchers.  Golden-crowned Sparrows are now mixing with the Whitecrowns, and the Goldencrown that summered here (identified by a drooping wing) can still be found near the east end of the dam.

I went next to Bella Vista open space, but it was very quiet.  Sometimes there is a large flock of Yellowrumps there than can have other species with it, but the Yellowrumps were few this morning.

I went on to the Bird Refuge, which is shrinking fast.  There is still a large flock of Least Sandpipers flitting around, never staying in one place more than a couple of minutes.  With them were a few Western Sandpipers, but I could not pull out any other sandpipers among them today.  Greater Yellowlegs continue in the rapidly shrinking wet area west of the third platform.  Something set off every duck in the place while I was there--never saw a falcon or other predator, but at least 100 Shovelers in the air at once was a memorable sight.

Florence Sanchez

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