Cachuma and Coal Oil Point

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Cool Bird, Brad!
On Thursday, 12 August, some UCSB folks, accompanied by Liz Mason of the
Park, entered the closed areas of Lake Cachuma to look at late season
indications of breeding. There was very little of note in either Santa Cruz
Bay or the Santa Ynez River delta. In the latter, no teal, no Ruddy Ducks,
many fewer Gadwall than Mallards (perhaps a 1:10 ratio), but about 6 Wood
Ducks and 3 Northern Shovelers. In Santa Cruz Bay, we saw 6 Common
Mergansers, 7 Wood Ducks, and 7 Ruddy Ducks and not much else of special
note. Overall on the lake we saw fewer than 100 Aechmophorus grebes and
about 10% of those were Clark's and another family group of Common
Mergansers. Only a couple of pairs of grebes were seen doing courtship
In a larger patch of tules East of Arrowhead Island, we had a single
Common Moorhen, and a pair of Least Bittern together. These appear to be
significant records with respect to 'Birds of SB Co., CA' I have complete
notes of our Cachuma trip if that is of interest to anyone.
This morning, Saturday, 14 August, several folks saw a juvenile Baird's
Sandpiper that landed briefly on algae on the Dune Pond and was gone 4 or 5
minutes later.
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