Fw: Stilt Sandpiper at Goleta Sewage?

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Could someone check this out today, please????


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I finally got logged into the SBCOBirds list and my first message
read was Mark's today about the Goleta Sewage Ponds at lunchtime
today. I was so excited about the Solitary Sandpiper that I went
right over. Got there at 5:15 and nicely asked some folks
waiting for a board meeting if I could go in ( after telling them
how great they'd been about the CUSA and explaining where it's
usual range is, etc.) They said fine, go on back.

I couldn't find a solitary sandpiper, but did find different one,
dark and white, 50% bigger than the Westerns, 30% smaller than
the Dowitchers. I tried to describe it quite a while into my
tape recorder, and now that I'm home with my books I think it
was a Stilt Sandpiper. I will get back tomorrow at 8am (if
they're open?) or noon, but I would of course be grateful if
someone would go over and pass judgement on my id.

I was looking at it through my scope at 35 feet or so, on the
flats on the near side of the middle pond. Hanging around with
Westerns and dowitchers (short-billed?). It flew away at least 3
times when the birds would get spooked into flight, but would
return to that area after about 5 minutes. It was there when I
left (as I promised them I would) at 6:05.

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