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Rebecca Fagan Coulter <impact2@...>

Karen B. had indicated it in her message yesterday, but people may not have
seen that. Here are the directions to San Ysidro Creek:

101 to San Ysidro Road
N. on San Ysidro to East Valley Road
Right on East Valley Road to Park Lane
Left on Park Lane to the fork: East and West Park Lane
Take West Park Lane, drive to top of road, park in area on left.
Trail begins at the chain link fence.

There are a few trails up there that intersect; keep to the San Ysidro Creek
trail. The swimming hole is just over a mile up (according to my very shaky
distance estimate--if anyone else can be more specific that would be


Mike Stiles wrote:

Just a suggestion, but it would be helpful, especially for us out-of-town
birders, if locations were a little more specific. I don't know where San
Ysidro Creek is, for example.

Mike Stiles

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