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Maybe even more specific. For those that don't know, some subscribers are from
outside Santa Barbara County (thanks to you all). Perhaps noting the nearest
city or town would be helpful. There are members to this group from SLO Co,
Santa Maria, Lompoc, Santa Ynez Valley, the south coast (and places in between),
and Ventura Co. I think it helps if we can be as specific as possible- assume
that someone might come from out of town to see a good bird and is not familiar
with the location.

Jamie Chavez

Rebecca Fagan Coulter wrote:

Karen B. had indicated it in her message yesterday, but people may not have
seen that. Here are the directions to San Ysidro Creek:

101 to San Ysidro Road
N. on San Ysidro to East Valley Road
Right on East Valley Road to Park Lane
Left on Park Lane to the fork: East and West Park Lane
Take West Park Lane, drive to top of road, park in area on left.
Trail begins at the chain link fence.

There are a few trails up there that intersect; keep to the San Ysidro Creek
trail. The swimming hole is just over a mile up (according to my very shaky
distance estimate--if anyone else can be more specific that would be


Mike Stiles wrote:

Just a suggestion, but it would be helpful, especially for us out-of-town
birders, if locations were a little more specific. I don't know where San
Ysidro Creek is, for example.

Mike Stiles

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