BIRDWEST; Santa Barbara, CA; 10/11/02

Guy Tingos <guy.tingos@...>

* California
* Santa Barbara
* October 11, 2002
* CASB0210.11
- Birds mentioned

Broad-winged Hawk
Plumbeous Vireo
Blackpoll Warbler
Black-throated Green Warbler
Black-and-white Warbler
American Redstart

- Transcript

This is the Santa Barbara Audubon Society's rare bird report being recorded on
Friday, October 11 at 4:30 p.m. If you have a rare bird sighting to report, call
Karen Bridgers at 964-1316. For those of you who are getting the transcript on the
Internet, the rare bird alert number for Santa Barbara is (805) 964-8240.

An adult male BLACK-THROATED GREEN WARBLER found over a week ago in Stow Grove Park
was still present as late as Wednesday, when a BLACKPOLL WARBLER was also there. Stow
Grove Park is in Goleta, and is bordered by Cathedral Oaks on the north, La Patera on
the west, and Parkhust on the south. The bird has consistently been in the long row
of eucalyptus trees that runs south from the back of the ranger's house to Parkhurst.
Morning or evening is best.

On Tuesday, in the mitigation area of Atascadero Creek, a PLUMBEOUS VIREO and a
BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER were seen in the northwest corner, in the large cottonwoods
across the path from the horse corral. To reach the mitigation area, take Patterson
Avenue south from Hollister, until it crosses Atascadero Creek and makes a sharp turn
to the left and becomes Shoreline Drive. Park and walk in around the tan gate.

A BLACKPOLL WARBLER was in Chase Palm Park on Sunday the 6th, just east of Garden
Street on the north side of Cabrillo. The lerpy eucs have been good for warblers this

Carpinteria Creek had an AMERICAN REDSTART on Tuesday, in the cottonwoods at the end
of 6th Street. A BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBER was there earlier in the week.

On Vandenberg Air Force Base, the Waterfowl Natural Resources Area, called "the
ponds" by the locals, is open again for birding. Since there are a few new hoops to
jump through before getting in, please see the La Purisima Audubon Society's web site
at Click on LPAS Programs and Services, then on Waterfowl
Natural Resources Area. This week the ponds produced a flyover BROAD-WINGED HAWK on
Sunday the 6th.

That is all the bird news for now, but, again, if you have a rare sighting to report,
call Karen Bridgers at 964-1316. Good birding in Santa Barbara County.

- End transcript

Ferruginous Hawk

Paul G. Rosso <prrosso@...>

Saw 1st Ferruginous Hawk of the fall yesterday Thurs. Oct 10th on the
south side of Lompoc around Locust and S. E St.

Rita Rosso

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Re: Fox Sparrows

Steve Sosensky

At 04:23 PM 10/11/2002 -0400, JHcynwren@... wrote:

We had 2 of the 4 main populations (re: Sibley) in our yard this morning.
The Sooty Fox Sparrow (fuliginosa ?) is common here in the winter and is
quite dark with a small, bright yellow bill. We also had a Slate-colored
(schistacea ?) that is much redder in the wings and tail with less streaking
on the breast and a small, pale bill. I don't recall seeing a Slate-colored
here before.
If anyone has any comments on the Fox Sparrow complex as pertains to this
county I would like to read them. I understand they may be split in the
Hi Joan,

Unfortunately, it is a lot more complicated to try to identify Fox Sparrows more deeply than the proposed split groupings, as many of the races are not represented in any of the current field guides. There are currently 19 recognized races of Fox Sparrow. These are enumerated with their proposed species division at

I don't have any data for relative distribution of Fox Sparrows in Santa Barbara Co. or SoCal in general, but Rising shows that Sooty, Slate-colored, and Thick-billed all winter here. There are also winter records for _zaboria_ race of Red Fox Sparrow (one I saw was at Eldorado Park in Long Beach when the Blue Mockingbird was there).

I thought I hit reply-to-all instead of reply on Wednesday, but I did report 3 Thick-billed Fox Sparrows at Carp Creek to Dave Compton.

Good birding,
Steve <mailto:steve@...> for general use
<mailto:@SteveSosensky> for rare birds and emergencies only

Steve Sosensky, photographer
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Audubon in So. California
San Fernando Valley AS
AIM ID: SteveS310 Yahoo Messenger ID: SteveSosensky
SoCal FRS: use channel 11 code 22

B&W Warbler, Cachuma birds

Liz Mason <eliz@...>

Hi Birders,
I had a BLACK & WHITE WARBLER at the Cachuma Lake Nature Center west bird
feeder Friday at 1 pm.

We saw the following on the afternoon boat trip. There was nothing
out-of-the-ordinary, though because the lake level is 23 feet down, flats in
Martini Cove are exposed, and lots of fowl gather at these muddy spots. If
you walk out on the Mohawk Loop (on Cachuma map) to the tip, you'll be

Western grebe
Pied-billed grebe
Great egret
Snowy egret
Great blue heron

Green-wing teal

Forster's tern
Ca gull
Spotted sandpiper

Red-tailed hawk
Osprey (3 individuals)

Belted kingfisher

And butter-butts.
We didn't go to the narrows at the east end of the lake where La Purissima
bird ralliers sighted Lewis's woodpecker.

---Liz Mason

BTYW Downtown

Paul Keller <wrentit@...>

Yesterday saw 2 BLACK-THROATED GRAY WARBLERs at Alice Keck Park Memorial
Garden in downtown Santa Barbara. -- Paul K.

Black-throated Green Warbler

Guy Tingos <guy.tingos@...>

Jim Hodgson found the adult male Black-throated Green Warbler at Stow Grove Park on
La Patera Lane. The bird was low in the eucalyptus row south of the ranger's house,
just south of the end of Caroldale Drive. There were lots of birds in the park.

Betsy and I checked Refugio and El Capitan State Beach Parks earlier this morning.
Refugio had a lot of birds, including one Black-throated Gray. El Cap was virtually
birdless. Guy

Atascadero Crk very few birds


Very few birds on Atascadero Creek and the mitigation area this morning. The
best birds were a flock of 6 Bl.-Throated Gray warblers next to the
mitigation area, and 2 more on lower Atascadero Crk. Otherwise there were
just a couple Warbling Vireos and very few other warblers, and a few Hermit
Thrushes and Fox Sparrows at the mitigation area. American Pipits are feeding
in the ag fields near the bike path.

Regards, Ron Hirst

Carpinteria geese

Dave Compton <davcompton@...>

Mark Holmgren and I saw a flock of geese in a wet area in the grass on the
north side of 8th St. on the grounds of Carpinteria Middle School. With a
flock of nine GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was what appears to be a
"CACKLING" CANADA GOOSE. This is one of the small races and is rather dark
on the breast and has no white ring on the neck. Tiny bill. To me it looks
shorter but plumper than the white-fronted.

Nancy States reported these geese to me a few days ago. She had them in a
grassy field to next to the campground at Carpinteria State Beach.

Dave Compton

My Black-throated Green blues . . .

Mark Holmgren <holmgren@...>

. . . were relieved tonight when I saw the Black-throated Green
Warbler Sat. evening at 6pm. In the 6 minutes that I saw the bird, it
was about 15-18' high in a Euc 3 or 4 Eucalyptus trees south of the
entrance to Stow's Grove Park. This tree was immediately west of the
Ranger's residence. Ooodles of Yellow-rumped Warbler were flowing
through the Eucalyptus, also saw one Yellow Warbler, several Townsend's
Warbler, and a few Orange-crowned Warblers

Atascadero creek

Lethaby, Nick <nlethaby@...>


I saw a Blackpoll Warbler and Warbling Vireo along Atascasdero creek about
600 yards W of Patterson on Sunday. There were 15 pipits in the fields by
the bike path.

Nick Lethaby
DSP/BIOS Product Manager
Texas Instruments
805 562 5106

B-T Green still there Monday

Karen Bridgers

Lori Conrad from Hermosa Beach saw the Black-throated Green at 4:15 this
afternoon (Mon.). She said it was only a few trees down from the ranger's


Dates and Contacts for Some Regional Christmas Bird Counts

Mark Holmgren <holmgren@...>

Initial Contacts for Some 2002-03 CBCs

Count Date Contact address Person
Morro Bay 14 Dec TEdell@... Tom Edell

Carrizo Plain 28 Dec rzachary@... Rager Zachary

Santa Maria 22 Dec abela@... Alex Abela

Lompoc 15 Dec abela@... Alex Abela

Santa Ynez Valley 27 Dec maholmgren@... Mark Holmgren

Sta Barbara 4 Jan 03 jelentz@... Joan Lentz

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~

Mark Holmgren

corrected e-mail address & bird news

Joan E. Lentz <jelentz@...>

Hi Mark and everyone:
On your list for Christmas Bird Count info. you have my e-mail address
listed incorrectly. It is
I welcome inquiries about the Santa Barbara Christmas Bird Count, to be
held Sat., Jan. 4, 2003.

Bird News:
Today in class, we had a Chestnut-backed Chickadee in a flock of Bushtits
that was working in the clumps of reeds on the western most edge of Ocean
Meadows Golf Course (presumably one of the two birds reported at the end of
Coronado about a month ago?)
Also, an adult male Allen's Hummingbird was in the willows around the area
where it has been in past years--between the two last flood control
structures before the trail ends & comes out into the open.
Joan Lentz

Worm-eating Warbler

Dave Compton <davcompton@...>

Bob Hansen just called to report a Worm-eating Warbler at Carpinteria Creek,
presumably the same slippery one that was first seen last month. He saw it
about midway between 6th St and the sewage plant, i.e., about 100 feet
downstream of 6th St.

Anyone seeing this bird, please post to the list or let me know. Thanks.

Dave Compton

Ponds on VAFB 10/17

brad hines <bkhnca@...>

A very vocal Tropical Kingbird was observed near the river overlook this
morning. Also, five Black-throated Gray Warblers were observed with
other birds in the entrance willows. A Ferruginous Hawk continues in
the nearby field.


Possible future SB County tick

John Brack <jbrack@...>

Hi SB Birders - For the past 5 days there has been Grey-Headed Junco
feeding in my yard "birdseed patch" here in Paradise, upper Santa Ynes
Valley. Who knows?? Perhaps if the junco complex is split in the future
this might be a tick for some of you, county or otherwise. The bird is
pretty easy to pick out amongst the many Oregon Juncos, because of its
uniform blueish-grey head, breast, sides and flanks (belly off white) and
dark (black) mask effect around the eye, fairly bright copper/bronze back
and wing coverts more or less solid greyish brown with (sorry!!) - no hint
of wingbars!!.and slightly larger size than the Oregons. Other birds
present include, many White-Crowned Sparrows (the first of these showed up
on 9/19), a lesser number of Golden Crowned Sparrows (first arrived on
9/24), a few Fox Sparrows (all small-billed Sooty's, first arrived on
10/5), plus occasional visits by a few Spotted Towhees, Chipping Sparrow,
Oak Titmouse, Hermit Thrush (numerous, scattered around area in general.
First arrived on 9/29). The last of the Black-Chinned Hummingbirds departed
the sugar feeders on about 9/10 and the last Costa's was an immature female
seen on 9/24. Since then only the ever present Anna's, but with an
occasional Allen's/Rufous female/immature thrown in to make it interesting.
One immature male has been around for the last three days. If you would
like to try and see the junco, please respond and I'll provide directions.

John Brack aka "Not Bucked Off His House"

Sick hummingbird

Hugh Smith <hpsmith@...>

An acquaintance has a sick male Anna's hummer that someone brought him to help. Does anybody know how to obtain food supplements for hummers with vitamins and protein? Is there a hummer rehabber near Solvang?
Thanks for any help.
Hugh Smith

Catamaran Islander trip past San Miguel Island

Steve Sosensky

Hi All,

The LAAS trip on the Catamaran Islander trip on 11/9 past San Miguel Island is not filling up. This will be the only Catamaran trip to deep water that will be under $100. Next year all the prices are going up.

Saturday, November 9 - Ventura Marina toward San Miguel Island
Time: 0800 - 1700 (9 hrs.)
Port: Ventura Marina
Boat: Catamaran M/V Islander
Price: $79
Spaces: 44
Food: sandwiches and snacks available for purchase
Leaders: Mitch Heindel, Kevin Larson, David Pereksta and Bernardo Alps.

toward San Miguel Island on the new, fast Catamaran M/V Islander. Nine-hour trip departs from Ventura at 8:00 a.m. After dropping off campers on Santa Cruz Island, we have the boat to ourselves, and will head toward the 1000 fathom water about 10 miles from San Miguel Island.

Birds seen this time of year and which are expected:
Northern Fulmar; Black-vented, Sooty and Pink-footed Shearwaters; Black Storm-Petrel; South Polar Skua; Pomarine Jaeger; rocky shorebirds (up to five); Cassin's and Rhinoceros Auklets. Occasionally: Craveri's Murrelet. Rarities: Leach's Storm-Petrel; Flesh-footed and Buller's Shearwaters; Black-footed Albatross.

If the trip is to go, we must have sign-ups immediately. People should call Audubon House (323) 876-0202 and tell them that a check is on it's way. We can't wait past Friday.

Many feel that the Islander is an easier boat to bird from than the Condor.

Good birding,
Steve <mailto:steve@...> for general use
<mailto:@SteveSosensky> for rare birds and emergencies only

Steve Sosensky, photographer
10834 Blix Street #213 818-508-4946
Toluca Lake, CA 91602 34:09:23.411 N, 118:21:56.678 W
Audubon in So. California
San Fernando Valley AS
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SoCal FRS: use channel 11 code 22

Sick hummer---Thanks

Hugh Smith <hpsmith@...>

Thanks to all who responded to my inquiry. I was told that Dr Bertram, vet here in Solvang would help and so notified the person who asked me for advice. I hope the cute little hummer survives. Thanks everybody!!!
Hugh Smith

Sage Thrasher at More Mesa today

Joan E. Lentz <jelentz@...>

Hi everyone!
Today while walking along the bluffs at More Mesa, Joan Hardie and I had a
Sage Thrasher running down the trail in front of us!
Directions: Park on South Patterson as if you were going to the
Atascadero Crk. mitigation area. Walk up the road (south) until you're
past the first speed bump, when you'll see a major trail that leads to the
left (east) off the road.
Follow this main trail, because it will take you all the way out to the
bluffs. Once this main trail begins to parallel the bluffs, pass 2 side
trails (north/south direction). The bird was in the area just where the
second side trail intersects the main bluff path.
Good birding!
Joan Lentz