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Santa Barbara County Birding
*SBCOBIRDING* is a discussion group devoted to sharing information about the birds of Santa Barbara County, CA. This includes the nearshore ocean waters and the Channel Islands within the county area.  Topics may include daily trip reports, rare bird sightings, early and late migration dates, status and distribution, and ID issues.  Brief announcements of upcoming meetings, hikes, and pelagic trips are also permitted.  To learn more about local birding - where to go, find bird lists, county listing stats, and breeding bird data - visit the sbcobirding website link in the Group Information section. *MEMBERSHIP &* **RULES FOR* POSTING:* *IMPORTANT* - Please read and follow the Participation Rules found HERE ( ) to participate unmoderated in this group * SIGNATURE - Please provide your name and location at the end of every post * Discuss only the birds of Santa Barbara County * All messages must have an appropriate Subject in your message title * Please enter your full name as your Display Name. This is found in your personal Settings and will allow administrators to validate and approve new member requests * Use photo attachments only for rarities or difficult ID challenges that you need help with. All other images will be removed
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  • sbcobirding-alert
    Subgroup of sbcobirding for rare bird alerts. This is an unfiltered, unreviewed channel of rumors of rare birds in Santa Barbara County. Please treat it as such.
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  • Santa Barbara County eBird Hotspot Gaps
    The eBird Hotspot Gaps project aims to increase coverage of under-birded locations across the county. Participants visit eBird Hotspots on weeks with no prior visits in eBird’s historical record and submit complete checklists to eBird. Filling in these data gaps increases our knowledge of the county’s avifauna and enables analysis to be done for individual Hotspots and wider areas. It could also turn up new or unexpected species for Hotspots that have received less attention than they deserve. How it works: * Every week, administrators send out an email with a list of Hotspot gaps for the coming week. * The weekly email will contain a short summary of which Hotspots were covered in the past week and by whom. * Refer to this discussion group for instructions or visit the eBird Hotspot Gaps ( ) webpage. * To participate, simply visit one of the Hotspots in the given week and submit a complete checklist on eBird. For instructions on submitting complete checklists, see HERE ( ) * A Google Spreadsheet ( ) lists the next two weeks' gaps and allows participants to optionally fill in whether they have visited a Hotspot. The spreadsheet also has links to the Hotspots on, where one can see if any checklists have been submitted in the current week. * Reports of interesting sightings and other reflections on the project can be sent to this discussion group. Find a list of Santa Barbara County eBird Hotspots HERE ( ) eBird Hotspot FAQ's can be found HERE ( )
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