The Two Photos of Cuckoo from SLO Co.

Mark Holmgren <holmgren@...>

Last week I sent to Steve Laymon digital photos of the two Yellow-billed
Cuckoos that have been captured and banded in SLO Co. this summer. He
viewed them and wrote the message below. Perhaps Paloma would like to get
in touch with Steve? Here is his e-mail: slaymon@...
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Hi Mark,

The mid-June cuckoo is almost certainly a male. The white spots are well
separated and this IDs probably 85% to sex. The one in mid-July is probably
a female based on the extra large bill. Both sexes have brood patches so
that doesn't help with the sexing, but it does say that they may be breeding

Pam and I are thinking about visiting the Oso Flaco area on Monday, 1 Aug.
Who would be a good contact to find out what area the cuckoos were captured

That's all for now, Steve
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