Ventura Bay Breasted & Zone-tailed <jcwings@...>

Hello birders,

This is a forward from Joan. Don reports a Bay-breasted Warbler and
Zone-tailed Hawk from Ventura County on Saturday. This might be of
interest to you chasers. Good luck.

Jamie C


From: Don DesJardin <>
Subject: Venco Birds

Knowing it was going to heat up, I went to the Ventura Sewer Ponds
this morning. Not much in the way of warblers. Only a few
and Yellow-rumped. Other birds of note were, 1 Merlin, 3 Cedar Waxwing,
Ring-necked Ducks, 1 White-faced Ibis (flying overhead), and 3 Soras. I
also saw a flock of at least 60+ Canada Geese flying east over the
area. I did not see the Eastern Pheobe, that was reported seen near the
first large pond on Thursday.

I also went to Camino Real Park which was a little better warbler
Nothing of note along the barranca except a few Yellow-rumps,
White-crowned Sparrows, and Western Tanagers. At the extreme west end I
found "LERPS". There are a few trees infected and the Yellow-rumps were
very active on these trees. Other species of warblers seen were, 2
Townsend's, 5 Orange-crowned, 2 Yellow, and and 1 immature
Bay-breasted. I
observed this bird for about 30 minutes, feeding mostly in the dying
trees along side of the 126 freeway. The upperparts were a dull olive
with no contrast between the head, back and rump. I didn't see any
streaking on the back or anywhere on the underparts. The underparts
were a
dirty white from the throat to the undertail coverts with a tinge of
color on the flanks. The wings were slightly darker in comparison with
upperparts with two prominent and distinct white wing bars. Both the
and legs were dark. It finally flew up into a large Sycamore tree and I
lost it.

From: Don DesJardin <>
Subject: Venco Birds

I received an email from Brad Sillasen today saying that he had the
Zone-tailed Hawk over his place in Sisar Canyon between 11:30 and
and again at 1:15. He called me at 2:15, and while we were talking the
made another appearance. I got in the car and beat a path up there,
arriving at 2:45. I got out of the car and had taken just a few steps
I spotted bird gliding in from the north doing lazy circles and
coming directly overhead. It stayed in view for about 5 minutes and
drifted out of sight to the west.