Zoned-tailed Hawk

Mark Holmgren <holmgren@...>

Hi folks,
     In the 7? years that this bird has been around we have never gotten a good sense of its nighttime roosting site(s).  My impression is the the bird has been seen several times in the early morning or late afternoon on La Patera Lane S of Cathedral Oaks.  I know of no other spot that would suggest a nightime preference.  Does anyone have late or early observations that could add to this record?  Perhaps this winter, when one of us does have the opportunity to keep on the bird till dusk we could just plant ourselves down and watch it till it moves or stays.
     Similarly, we have another problem finding all the White-tailed Kite roosts.  (Morgan Ball is organizing the kite monitoring effort this year.  He would love to have your help on Wednesday afternoons.  Contact him at aquabirdy@....)  The only certain roost is toward the E end of More Mesa and approx. 20 birds are fairly regularly seen coming in to the nocturnal roost site.   We have occasional observations of a small roost high in the Santa Ynez Mtns. within a mile E of Painted Cave.  Does anyone have late afternoon observations of kites gathering at other sites in the mtns., foothills, or coastal plain of Goleta or Santa Barbara?