slow messages

Karen Bridgers

Hi all

I posted a message to sbcobirding fairly early this morning, and it has not
appeared in my Inbox yet (it's 4:30-ish now), but it did appear on the
sbcobirding web page quite a bit earlier. This is not the first time this
has happened, and it happens not just to me.

May I suggest that in order to keep up on the current bird sightings, you
check the group home page periodically. (I know there's a message from Nick
Lethaby sitting there, too.) The address is at the bottom of all sbcobirding
messages, or it's at, in case you don't have any
messages to refer to.

I have begun to make checking this page a habit, as I find that sbcobirding
messages are often delayed by hours (or even days).

Karen Bridgers

Jamie M. Chavez <jc.wings@...>


I am curious to know who else might be experiencing the slow message
problem. Either with delivery or not seeing your message being posted on the
group home page. Please reply to me off list. Here is some info from Yahoo

How long does it take for messages to get delivered to the group?
In general, messages are delivered almost immediately.
Occasionally there are delays of a few minutes or hours due to
high-volume traffic or scheduled system downtime.

Jamie Chavez