BIRDWEST; Santa Barbara, CA; 2/6/09

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* California
* Santa Barbara
* February 6, 2009
* CASB0902.06
- Birds mentioned

Ross's Goose
Snow Goose
Cackling Goose
Eurasian Wigeon
Wood Duck
Hooded Merganser
White-winged Scoter
Bald Eagle
Black Skimmer
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
Lewis's Woodpecker
Gray Flycatcher
Winter Wren
Grace's Warbler
Black-and-white Warbler
Summer Tanager
White-throated Sparrow

- Transcript
This is the Santa Barbara Audubon Society's rare bird report being recorded
on Friday, February 6 at 2:30 p.m. If you have a rare bird sighting to
report, call Karen Bridgers at 964-1316. For those of you who are getting
the transcript on the Internet, the rare bird alert number for Santa Barbara
is (805) 964-8240.

The GRACE'S WARBLER found in west Goleta at the Bella Vista Open Space park
on January 3 was still present on January 30. To get to the park, drive west
on Cathedral Oaks Road, past Glen Annie Road, and past the high school. Turn
left on Placer Drive and drive down until you see the park on your right.
Look in the extreme southwest corner of the park, high in the pines. Early
morning is best.

A WINTER WREN of the eastern race - which will possibly be split soon from
the western race -- was still in Montecito on January 21st. That bird is on
Butterfly Lane south of the freeway, across the street from 50 and 70
Butterfly Lane. There is a well-worn path that leads to a large stump where
the bird has most often been seen. It does tend to respond to pishing.

A BALD EAGLE was found at the east campus entrance to UCSB this morning. It
was first seen at Goleta Beach, then flew to the UCSB entrance, where it
perched in the first eucalyptus tree to the right as you turn the corner at
the entrance gate.

On Wednesday, a young male SUMMER TANAGER was in the eucalyptus trees near
the parking lot at Stow House in Goleta.

The wintering YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER that is in Stow Grove Park in Goleta
was still present on January 3rd.

The wintering GRAY FLYCATCHER was seen at the Goleta Cemetery on January
5th. From the cemetery entrance, go right until you get to the southeastern
corner where the cemetery abuts the ball field. The bird has most often been
seen foraging from the chain link fence.

A EURASIAN WIGEON was on lower Atascadero Creek on the 1st, near the end of
Ward Drive.

On Wednesday, there was a pair of HOODED MERGANSERS in Goleta Slough, as
seen from the observation platform at Goleta Beach.

There are still two ROSS'S GEESE in the pond at the Rancho Goleta mobile
home park at the end of Ward Drive in Goleta.

A WHITE-WINGED SCOTER was seen just off the Santa Barbara Harbor breakwater
on Wednesday.

More than 300 BLACK SKIMMERS are at the East Beach outfall, with others
located at Goleta Beach and Coal Oil Point.

A male BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER is in Bohnett Park on Santa Barbara's west

Two WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS are present in Orpet Park on the Santa Barbara
Riviera, and both birds were seen on January 25th.

Highlights from Cachuma Lake last week included several BALD EAGLES and WOOD

In the North County, a LEWIS'S WOODPECKER was reported on January 30 on
Armour Ranch Road, in oaks across from the entrance to High Point Ranch.

In Waller Park in Santa Maria, the SNOW GOOSE, the ROSS'S GOOSE, and the
CACKLING GOOSE are still in the front pond.

On the south side of Lompoc, two WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS are wintering at
the southeast corner of Old La Purisima Park, off south G Street.

That is all the bird news for now, but, again, if you have a rare sighting
to report, call Karen Bridgers at 964-1316. Good birding in Santa Barbara

- End transcript