MORE Bald Eagle #a46

Mike Bush

Yes, thanks to a GREAT network and group of birdin' buddies, Jeanne
and I were able to see the Bald Eagle in a rainstorm - right where it
was last posted near the eastern entrance to UCSB - at 12:40pm Friday.

With the information provided by other posters and some I discovered,
I have put together a small story w/photos on my blog, BushBlog:

I also have discovered how to track 'Stephen, Jr.' by going to the
Institute for Wildlife Studies website. There is a link to be able to
follow Stephen, Jr -

He was released on Santa Cruz Island on June 8, 2006.

Thanks Kyle, and Dave for getting the post up right away, and for Adam
calling in the rain to tell me the bird was still there. And thanks,
Jaimie for hosting the very important SBCoBirding!

Best birdin',


Mike Bush
El Capitan State Beach