2nd Roadrunner

Rob Denholtz

Carp Salt Marsh Reserve Sandyland Cove Road (officially “restricted" but apparently friendly to birders), Monday, Feb. 17, 2020

Birding with Mario Borunda and Andrea Bruce . . . .four what we believe to be a second Carp Salt Marsh Roadrunner at the end of Sandyland Cove Road, at the bridge when the Yellow-crowned Night Herons used to be when first observed before the dredging drove them out. Today’s bird appeared to be lighter in color and “fresher”-looking that the one that has been seen around Silver Sands Village and the Nature Park over the past 7 or 8 years.

We also noted a couple of Marsh Wrens and, in Franklin Creek, a male and two female Cinnamon Teal. The No. Harrier made a brief appearance and an Osprey carried a fish across Basin 1 to devour it on a log in Basin 2. We also watched a PB Grebe catch and (somehow) swallow a fish that was at least 6” long. Talk about “Deep Throat”!

Rob Denholtz

Rob Denholtz