Missing Black Skimmer seen in Humboldt County

Ken Hoesterey

Hi, Anyone wondering where have all the Skimmers Gone?
I saw a report today from NWCALBIRD bird list where Rob Fowler is following a Black Skimmer at Clam Beach, just north of Humboldt Bay and <100 miles from Oregon, 600 miles north.
That is pretty impressive distance and it had to pass by so many habitats and miles of great beaches to get there,
Now maybe that is not unusual, but I thought it where did the rest of them get off to?
 All About Birds/Cornell has a range map that stops at Point Conception.
All About also has this quote about these so favorite creatures:
  • Possibly the best description of the Black Skimmer's bounding, head-down foraging style came from the great seabird biologist R. C. Murphy in 1936. He said they look like “unworldly… aerial beagles hot on the scent of aerial rabbits."
Boy howdy to that!
Ken Hoesterey