Devereaux Tuesday morning

Robert Lindsay

Tuesday, 8/6, 9:00-11:00 am

The first pull out had good numbers of peeps on the far, muddy shore (Semipalmated Plover, Western and Least Sandpiper). Best birds here were three Caspian Tern.

The bay east of the pull outs had one each of Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs.

The Neotropical Cormorant was in its usual perch at the second pull out. It flew down the channel as soon as I arrived and spent a few minutes feeding before I lost it. No Yellow-crowned Night Heron.

The beaches on either side of Coal Oil Point had numerous shorebirds. The best was a single Black Turnstone feeding in the washed up kelp by the plover reserve. Other species included Whimbrel, Willet, Least Sandpiper, Sanderling, Black-bellied Plover, Semipalmated Plover, Snowy Plover (no young seen) and a cluster of gulls with roughly equal numbers of Western, California, and Heerman's (2 first year birds). No Least Terns again. Hope they make an appearance soon.

The Agave are blooming nicely with numerous Hooded Orioles visiting.

That's all,
Rob Lindsay