Santa Maria

Wes Fritz

SB Birders,

I made a short stop by the Los Alamos Sewage treatment plant and saw just a few peeps, nothing exciting. I am just dropping this note so you all know that there is some, but not too much habitat there and is worth checking.

Santa Maria Sewage,
61 Red-necked and 37 Wilson’s Phalaropes, 21 Greater and one Lesser Yellowlegs, 100ish peeps and a few Semipalmated Plovers.

Black Road Field,
Has a little mud left and had a dozen or so peeps and a couple Semipalmated Plovers and Horned Larks.
The dirt piles were being spread out with a bulldozer on the north side of the property. Well, after looking at this location it is definitely the low spot around here and the neighboring properties have been manipulated for agricultural purposes. I really do not know the history of this location. I do hope it remains the same for future bird habitat.

Good birding.

Wes Fritz
805 895 0685
Solvang CA