Help locate Least Bell's vireo

Sarah Otterstrom

You can help endangered birds in Santa Barbara County. We are asking skilled local birders for help in locating and documenting endangered Least Bell’s vireos (Vireo bellii pusillus) in the Los Padres National Forest in the final weeks of 2019 season.

Documented observations can be shared to eBird following these guidelines or they can be shared directly with the Ventura-based conservation non-profit Paso Pacifico using the email sarah@... or phone 805-643-7044. The organization will organize reports and then share results with forest managers.

As a bonus, Paso Pacifico will send the first five observers a signed copy of “A Guide to the Birds of Nicaragua”, but observations must have location and photographs or audio recording. Observations must be within the Los Padres National Forest Santa Barbara, Mount Pinos, or Ojai Ranger Districts and they must occur in areas open to the public.

Thank you all for your participation and support for the Last Bell’s vireo!
Sarah Otterstrom <sarah@...>