Campus Point, Sewage Treatment Plant

Robert Lindsay

Tuesday, 8/13, 8:00-9:15 am

Walked from Goleta Beach to Campus Point this morning. Fairly birdy. Lots of Semipalmated Plovers and Western Sandpipers, a few Least Sandpipers. Greater Yellowlegs were numerous (12) but no Lesser seen. Lots of single individuals in other species: Whimbrel, Spotted Sandpiper, Surfbird, Black Turnstone, Wandering Tattler. A Caspian Tern flew by. All three usual (for this time of year) gull species present (Western, California, Heerman's). Lagoon was basically empty on this end.

Made a quick stop at the Sewage Treatment Plant hoping for early fall arrivals. No luck. Very little exposed mud in the top pool and almost no shorebirds. Lots of Black-necked Stilt and a single Solitary Sandpiper along with a flock of Western Gulls. Abundant female and young Mallards but I couldn't find any other ducks. Looking forward to things picking up soon.

That's all,
Rob Lindsay