Goleta Slough, Area K

Mark Holmgren

From 9 to 10:40 this morning, Tuesday, Area K had the juvenile Pectoral Sandpiper, 23 White-faced Ibis, 7 dowitchers issuing only the calls of Short-billed, at least 17 Lesser Yellowlegs, and at least 19 kingbirds many of which were Western Kingbirds. A Pacific-slope Flycatcher adult was tending 2 fledglings along Mesa Rd is quite a late breeding record.

Mark Holmgren

San Marcos Pass area

Ron Hirst

Area K seems much better in the morning. At 12:30pm there were no kingbirds and far fewer yellowlegs.  The day before also had fewer birds at 12:30. I missed the Pec Sandpiper and Ibis on both days too.
Ron Hirst, SB