Goleta Tuesday morning

Robert Lindsay

9/3, 7:00 - 10:30

Spring migration for landbirds is still pretty sparse. Started at Lake Los Carneros. Very little there; a few Lesser Goldfinch, a juvenile Pied-billed grebe. No birds of prey or anything else of interest.

Coronado seep had Wilson's and Orange-crowned Warbler, Chestnut-backed Chickadee. Oak Titmice (2) were the only birds that showed up that I have not seen there recently.

Devereaux, though drying out, is still good for shorebirds. A few Red Knots are still around. I saw several Red-necked Phalarope and Mark Holmgren said he spotted two Wilson's as well. The American Avocet is still there. The Neotropical Cormorant was around. Otherwise lots of other previously reported shorebirds.

Finished at Area K which is also drying out fast. Still a few of both species of Yellowlegs but no ducks, no unusual sandpipers, no Ibis.

Hope the dam breaks soon,
Rob Lindsay