migration, you have to love it

Wim van Dam

In an earlier post I claimed that I had recorded Canada Goose migrating at night over my Solvang backyard on September 28. It didn't sound quite right for Canada Goose though, and after asking around several people pointed out to me that--instead--I had recorded a flock of GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE. Most likely these birds departed from their staging areas near Sacramento and were on their way to their wintering ground in Mexico (see: 

Listening back to my recording from that night (Sep 27/28), I must have had, in total, hundreds of them going south, but it's of course hard to reach a number based on sound only. Quiz: how many geese do people estimate are in this single flock of 76 seconds?

Thanks go to Curtis Marantz, Marshall Iliff, Gary Allport and David Irons who identified these calls for me. 


PS: The past three days the Golden Gate Raptor Observatory counted 6+9+8 Broad-winged Hawks, so we can still expect to see these this fall

Wim van Dam (Solvang, CA)
SBCO #385: Neotropic Cormorant