[EXTERNAL] [sbcobirding] Ovenbird at Santa Cruz Scorpion

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Both Sooty and Thick-billed Fox Sparrows probably winter out there, with Thick-billed easy to see up towards Montagnon Ridge.


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Subject: [EXTERNAL] [sbcobirding] Ovenbird at Santa Cruz Scorpion


Last night I came back from an overnight trip to Santa Cruz Island (Scorpion). 

The highlight of the trip birding-wise was an OVENBIRD foraging on the ground near campsite 7 (lower camping) last morning. The photos can be seen here: There appears to be something around the birds' beak, but I can't quite figure out what it might be. 

The camping had quite a few birds in general, but nothing too striking otherwise. I saw at least 3 fox sparrows (that is 3 at once, the total number of sightings was higher, but it's hard to say whether I saw the same birds on several occasions). This is not the first time I see fox sparrows there: I saw them 2 weeks ago as well as last year at about the same time - they could be wintering there.

The number of island jays seems to have exploded over the last couple of years; they are seemingly everywhere at and near the campground and I distinctly remember putting an effort into finding my first one a few years back.

I also had a very close Peregrine overfly at the Cavern Point, I suspect they are resident there; this is not the first time I see them at that location.

On the pelagic side, not too much to report: a fairly large number of black-vented shearwaters in the channel, which were surprisingly close to the shore on the way back to Ventura, so I would not be too surprised by the possibility of their sightings from the shore. I also had a pair of pink-footed shearwaters and two jaegers; one pomarine and one likely parasitic.


Kirill Shtengel


Kirill Shtengel

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