Carpinteria and other birding

Florence Sanchez

This morning I gave my Carpinteria misses another try and struck out on the Solitary Sandpiper, Northern Waterthrush, and Orchard Oriole.  Has anyone seen the latter bird recently?  This is the third time this month I have looked to no avail.  I wonder if it has moved on.  The ever-shrinking Lake Jocelyn had 51 Green-winged Teal on it.

After running an errand, I tried for the Common Goldeneye at Laguna Blanca and found it in the southwest corner of the Lake.  It headed down a channel to the east and disappeared below the bank, but I was able to scope it between dives.  This has been reported as a female, but through the scope it appeared to be getting a light spot on the face.  Might have been an illusion on a wet bird, however.

Finally, I went to the field where Nick had so many geese earlier today.  The white geese were gone, but an incredible 98 Canada Geese remained.  

Florence Sanchez