A lap around Lake Cachuma today

Mark Holmgren

Lori Gaskin and I rented a boat and in just over 6 hours we covered much of the lake except the area SE of Bradbury Dam. Both measuring devices I used show that we traveled about 22 miles in the boat. Our route is shown in red below. 


The 2 White-faced Ibises (probably both adults) foraging within 20 meters of each other on Jackrabbit Flat may be the first pair in the interior of SB County in the breeding period. A pair of Yellow-breasted Chats were in the eastern (or southern) arm of Santa Cruz Bay where they have been seen in years past.

Grebes are breeding in the eastern half of the lake.  We saw approx. 35 pairs of Western Grebes and 25 pairs of Clark’s Grebes tending fledglings. A pair of Turkey Vultures sat outside a cave near Santa Cruz Bay. 


The number of waterfowl, and species dependent on them, were extremely low.


Mark Holmgren

San Marcos Pass