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Florence Sanchez

I picked up this tidbit in the Field Guides Newsletter today.  Though it does not pertain to Santa Barbara County directly, I believe listers in general might like to know.  (And I seem to recall a posting about a Mexican Duck or hybrid in the last couple of years,  perhaps at Devereux?)

Well, it's official! After many decades of doubt, ornithologists have decided to retire the very idea of Northwestern Crow. With publication of an important study, the AOS in its most recent Supplement to the AOS Check-list of North American Birds has decided that Northwestern Crow is not even a diagnosable subspecies. It is safe to say that no one who has birded on the "edges" of this bird's small range would be surprised, as so many individuals seem to be intermediate between American and Northwestern over large areas. By the same token, many decades of research were needed to prove a similarly obvious situation: that Mexican Duck is a valid species, not a subspecies of Mallard. So hopefully your U.S. life list count remains unchanged by the check-list update!

--Field Guides Newsletter for July 2020

Florence Sanchez