Mark Bright

At North Campus Open Space I did see at least one of the Virginia Rails from one end of the tules for a brief viewing from south of the Phelps Creek Bridge, and then a minute later the same or another rail at the other end of the same tule patch. At first the rail was tussling with and consuming a dragonfly. There were also several Wilson Phalaropes east of that bridge as Hugh reported yesterday, didn't see the Semi-palmated Sandpiper however.

At Coal Oil Point Reserve along the fence line just east of where Devereux Slough would outflow the Ruddy Turnstone Mark Holmgren previously reported was busily foraging amongst the Western Snowy Plovers. It was quite interesting to watch the Ruddy Turnstone actively bulldozing small clumps of kelp and seaweed with the top of its head and then quickly snapping up kelp flies and amphipods revealed. Beautifully colored bird and striking pattern in flight.

Mark Bright
Santa Barbara