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John Deacon


I visited Jim May Park, North Blosser Pond, Black Road Pasture (and small pond across the street) and A Street Ponds today.  

At Jim May I found the usual suspects with the exception of a nice Northern Pintail.  At North Blosser I found a Common Merganser.  Black Road Pasture looked good but all the action was very distant.  Lots of Peeps (too far to id), lots of gulls (too far to id) and lots of ducks (mostly Mallards but also very distant).  At the little private pond I found a pair of Redheads.  Nothing shaking at A Street other than lots of Green Winged Teal. 

Yesterday I birded Mud Lake in Orcutt.  Lots of ducks.  Great looks at Canvasbacks (17) and many were nice breeding plumage drakes. 

You can find my checklists and some pics here:

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John Deacon

John Deacon