Tufted Duck access

Steven Gaulin

After posting about "Tuftie" at the Rancho Goleta community on Ward Drive I received a private message asking for confirmation that the area was publicly accessible. To follow up I contacted Liz Muraoka who very kindly took my question to the management of Rancho Goleta. The response is that parking on Ward Drive and walking into the complex IS currently permitted. Out or respect for residents, masks should be worn, and walking should be restricted to the roadways. The clubhouse and pool area (clearly fenced off) are currently closed to all (including residents), but have always been off-limits to visiting birders, so that is not a change.

When I saw "Tuftie" he was in the SW lobe of the lake, floating well out from shore with a raft of Ruddy Ducks. Ring-necked Ducks were also present.