Alisos Road Sandhill Cranes and Burrowing Owl

John Callender

I was in the right place at the right time to see the continuing group of 6 Sandhill Cranes at Alisos Road north of Happy Canyon Road today. As I was walking the road I heard barking and then the trumpeting of cranes, and saw the birds fly out and land on the lawn of the house. A child then yelled at the dog that apparently had flushed the cranes into view, and the dog left them alone and the cranes presumably went back to the pond where they've reportedly been staying, but which is difficult to see from the road.

Photos in the eBird list below:

I also saw what I assume is the same Burrowing Owl that wintered in that location last year. No photos of that bird, unfortunately; I accidentally flushed it from near the road before I realized it was there, then couldn't relocate it after it flew to the west. Other highlights were a Vesper Sparrow, a Prairie Falcon, and a distant Golden Eagle.

John Callender